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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Frank Berlingeri - Rock - New Jersey, USA | YouTube

19-06-2019 19:05 GMT

Frank Berlingeri
Rock Music Artist
New Jersey, USA


“Yesterday’s Eyes consists of Frank Berlingeri on Instruments and Vocals and Joseph DePasquale on Percussion. We were lucky enough to get Lee Boice (also on CD Baby) playing lead guitar on “Yesterday’s Eyes” and “A Simple Tune.” All songs were written by Frank Berlingeri, except “Yesterday’s Eyes”, Berlingeri and DePasquale. Joey and I have known each other roughly 50 years. We met at a high school party, which we left and walked the streets talking about music for hours. We formed a garage band that rehearsed in Joey’s parent’s Basement. And, man, did we rehearse. Hour after hour in a tiny room with Marshall’s as walls and turned up to 11. Julia and Rocco DePasquale were saints as far as I ‘m concerned. As life would have it, after High School, he went his way and I went mine We definitely traveled very different roads but remained friends through it all. He became a doctor while I, well, let’s call it, lived a checkered past. I never gave up music but at one point in my life I became very depressed. Who knew I was gathering material? Driving home from Pennsylvania, images of my recent trip to Venice flashed through my brain and the words spilled like vino. By the time I got home, I had written (at 85 mph on Route 80 East) the words for “Lonely Road” and heard the melody in my head. Joey and I were always talking about finding something we could collaborate on so I called him with the idea of renting studio time and putting down the new song. “Studio,” he said, “I got everything we need in my basement.” It awoke a long-forgotten love and before we knew it, we went from a little 4-track recorder to a much more sophisticated recording studio. I’d opened a musical flow I couldn’t turn off and what started as one song became a four-song collaboration of fun and friendship. Our travels took us from Julia and Rocco’s basement, to Joey’s basement; hence, Basement Boys Studio. This time it was Joey’s wife, Morna, who deserves sainthood for putting up with our noise and the loss of her husband most Saturdays. Nevertheless, we are both very proud of our AARP collaboration and hope you enjoy what took 50-years to produce. Unfortunately, life has become quite complicated and we have little to no time to work on new material. Though I felt all the stages of grief, another idea was born. I had always been fascinated by the idea of a solo album ala McCartney and Something/Anything by Todd Rundgren. Songs without drums intrigued me, as well. So, keep your eyes open for my next release, a seven song EP tentatively titled: “Disguised Souvenirs.”




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