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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Stefanos - Pop - Jabriya, Kuwait

29-06-2019 22:54 GMT

Pop Music Artist
Jabriya, Kuwait


Stefanos is an Eritrean composer, guitarist and vocalist born and raised in Asmara, Eritrea. His early music influence mainly derives from the exciting and innovative western sound of the 70s and 80s, which can be felt in his music and singing.

His first musical instrument at around age 10 was the harmonica, which he later abandoned for a newly discovered love for the guitar which he bought at age 14. But even that passion was short lived, and both the instruments were forgotten for many years to come. It was not until much later in life, at age 25, that Stefanos' passion for music re-emerged in Kuwait, the place where most of his musical activity took place throughout the eighties.

For most part of the nineties and up to the present time, Stefanos has been mainly involved in writing and recording music. Although he had recorded several singles in the past, the compilation of "ALWAYS" (recorded in New York in 2004) was his first complete Album. Conveying a romantic mood sustained by beautiful melodies, the CD is a collection of love songs that touch the heart and displays Stefanos’ flair for melody and expression, greatly enhanced by the colorful textures of his voice.

After Always, the beautiful single, “ERITREAN BOY”, was recorded and released in 2007. A haunting and intensely patriotic song dedicated to the youth of Eritrea. In 2013, a six songs collection was recorded and released under the title of "Amore". A new CD, entitled "ROCK & REGGAE is due to be released in 2019.

The guitar is the instrument that Stefanos plays and truly loves, and it is the medium he uses in the constant quest for creativity and self expression. In recent years, he has taken the challenge of learning piano as an additional instrument

His soul stirring music encompasses a variety of styles, which include Pop, R&B, Afro-beat, and Reggae. Stefanos has the unique ability to play in a broad range of musical genres while retaining an individuality that is as soulful and singular as his singing.


CD, “Always” released in 2005
CD single, “Eritrean Boy” released in 2007
CD, “Amore” released in 2013
CD, "Rock & Reggae" to be released in 2019

Eritrean Boy
Una Madre (Italian version of the song, “Mother” )
Give me your love (Remix)

The Complete Guitar Chords Book
Guitar Music - Basic elements

- Honorable mention for the song AMORE @ the Song of the Year International Contest 2012
- Semi-Finalist in 2008 at the UK Songwriting Contest (UKSC) with my song "Mother from the CD “ALWAYS” -
- Runner up in 2005 at the Song of the Year International Song Contest with the songs "Marriage Made in Heaven" and "Fairytale" from the CD “ALWAYS”
- Best entry Award from participating countries in 2000 at the Netherlands Music Expo for the song "Fairytale"




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