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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Divyan - Singer Songwriter - Basel, Switzerland | YouTube | Spotify

25-06-2019 18:18 GMT

Discover Singer Songwriter music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Basel's independent/emerging music scene with Divyan

Singer Songwriter
Basel, Switzerland


At present, Divyan is a Singer- Songwriter pursuing his solo project as well as being the guitarist & vocalist of the band Don't Panic. The two other bands he used to play with, are listed below. He lives and is musically active in Basel, Switzerland. ​He works as primary school teacher in Basel. The following articles sum up his band and music history.

As founding member, guitarist & lead vocalist Divyan has written over 40 songs for the punk rock band Don't Panic. The Band exists for more than 15 years and since then has adapted different styles of music like Nu Metal, Rock & Roll, Fun Punk and Pop. The band has produced one live album ""Swissness is Business"" and has published their 2nd album "Freedom after Speech".

As bassist & background vocalist/ male vocalist, Divyan was a founding Member of Lena & The Boyscouts. Singer-Songwriter Lena Schenker is supported by "The Boyscouts" in performing her songs. The music can be described as Folk Rock, with influences like Arctic Monkeys, Amy Macdonald and Current Pop Music.

As founding member, guitarist & lead vocalist, Divyan was one of five musicians involved in the band and musical arts project The Giant Sneakers. He wrote 15 Songs for the band. The collective, having different musical roots, combined different musical styles such as Funk, Punk Rock, Indie Rock, Country, Reggae, Rap, Metal, Techno, Stadium Rock, Dub Step into a unique fusion. ​The band was known for their inimitably sound and party performance.





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