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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: JavE - Hip Hop - Sveio, Norway | YouTube | Soundcloud

19-05-2019 14:31 GMT

Hip Hop Music Artist
Sveio, Norway


Music Producer/Manager. Rap Artist. Songwriter. Freestyle Rapper. Musical Instruments Player. Help music artists to be discovered. Help them find their right genre and style so they are doing good in their music career to the path to success. Training of various music programs. Training in and making music and recording it, as well as various music instruments will also be an opportunity for and be taught in it. Training and writing songs that fit the music style of the individual. Training to make a track sounds professional out. With mixing and mastering on tracks to get the music to hear, and become professional. So I become a mentor for everyone so I gonna work with, and want to work with in the future. So I see having a talent, and so are really burning for music career! I'm going to teach out to all of them. The road how to success in the music world to get heard, and discovered! With my method so I have used, and i have learned on my way to success. I'm also coming to give out music contracts. To people I se have a special talent with music. So are ready to go all in for that, and want a music career!





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