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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Personall - Hip Hop - South Carolina, USA | YouTube

17-04-2019 23:58 GMT

Hip Hop Artist
South Carolina, USA


I was born in Florence South Carolina in a small town called west Florence. Growing up the only child was a challenge for me because everyday I had to deal with constant bullying and depression because we didn't have a lot so I was an easy target for other kids in the neighborhood that had much more than me. When I first heard my next door neighbor ICE play on the turntables I was mesmerized because it sounded so melodic and poetic and from that day I knew music was going to be a big part of my life. At the age of 12 I was at my best friend Kabares house with my cousin Demetris and decided to rhyme then out of the blue I wrote some bars while listening to Nas and my cousin and Kabares was like wow because they didn't know I could spit like that but little did they know that was my first time spitting a rhyme. The art of rhyme became more of a lifestyle for me writing poetry when I felt down or link was just a name I chose because I took a lot of things personal when it came to my well being in a society where individuals would do dumb things just to get respect from the cool kids. I chose to stand alone than to follow a bunch of fools to jail because my leader mentality would not allow me to look at another individual as my leader just because they were the bigger trouble maker or had the most respect. Years went by and I met up with an old classmate Larry Jackson Aka demyze and found out he was into music as well so we formed a group called Ironfist which consisted of members Pierre Aka psycho man and Kevin Aka link were a force but just didn't know the business enough therefore we didn't get anywhere with our music but still remained friends till this link our split I stayed doing my music but still doubted myself because of others telling me how fans wanted a certain style and how my style wasnt what the people wanted so in 2012 I decided to go to fullsail university to get my bachelor's in music production and computer science because I wanted to gain some more knowledge about mastering and production but had to leave after 2 years due to personal link I stop going to fullsail I stayed writing and making beats feeling down at times until recently I was like "I'm tired of holding myself back knowing I'm better than a lot of the trash that is playing on the radio so I dropped an album called innovation:The written scriptures dedicating it to my son who was my innovation because I have to teach him to "reach for the stars" so I have to be the example for him to look up link taking that leap of faith of dropping an album has been such a blessing because I have been emails letting me know how my music means so much to them and how they log into certain websites just to listen to my music and I must say it feels good to make a difference in the lives of people that appreciate good link has truly guided my heart to be one of nice Emcee on the rise and there is more to link not about the money you make through artistry but it's about the imprint you leave when it's all said and link do this music for ones that feel as if they don't have a voice showing them that believing in themselves is the main ingredient to success.




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