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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Borderline - Hip Hop - Massachusetts, USA | Soundcloud | YouTube

05-04-2019 16:22 GMT

Discover Hip Hop music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Massachusetts's independent/emerging music scene with Borderline

Hip Hop Artist
Massachusetts, USA


Terry Borderline is a producer, engineer, songwriter and artist who was raised off of soul, neo-soul, and boom-bap hip hop. Performing for local and community organizing non-profits introduced him to the bubbling scene of open mics, fashion shows, and political events. In 2011 He co-founded the Hip Hop group Fountain of Youth, a collective of artists that proceeded to do live shows, venues, radio shows and local cyphers. Borderline marries a stark interest in unknown histories and universal truths with a variety of flows and creative themes that would make the most oblivious dance.

Powerful sound and energy is created with the audible atmospheres curated under his moniker and producer alias .pH. After a two year hiatus composed of music training, research, and study, he has ushered a musical balance into his portfolio. Music is vibrations, art, soul and God and Borderline aims to manifest them all with every perfect decibel. In an era where artists are either superbly talented or disappointingly talentless -- Borderline lies on the former pushing other artists worldwide to retain their integrity and to push fans and supporters to retain theirs as well. Now in his early adulthood, Terry Borderline seeks to not only reinvent himself, but Hip-Hop and music altogether;giving way to a new age of sound.





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