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Skunk Radio Live Auditions: Patrick Kaloust Aslanian - Alternative - Paris, France | Soundcloud | Youtube

25-02-2019 18:48 GMT

Discover Alternative music, stream free and download songs & albums, watch music videos and explore Paris's independent/emerging music scene with Patrick Kaloust Aslanian

Patrick Kaloust Aslanian
Music Composer, Songwriter
Paris, France


Fifteen years old I was reading PrĂ©vert to a friend of mine : why don’t you write too ? she said. And this it’s how it all began, writing pages and notebooks ... Some savings and I bought my first guitar, two chords, first song, three chords and a life passion. That was yesterday, and it’s still today ‘s passion. When the reality will exceed my dreams, then I will stop dreaming.





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