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David Bowie Friendly Music Using Cockos Reaper Daw: Stream Rock Artist V/Terpan | Music Auditions '23




14-04-2023 16:56 GMT


London, UK

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to get signed. "

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V/Terpan is a London -based Greek recording artist. He released his first two singles (Never Love Again and Out) in 2019 followed by Promise and The Beast in 2020 as well as a 6-track EP album (When The Poems Gave Us Life) in December of the same year.

V/Terpan's music has been described as sophisticated, poetic, darkwave, noir and his voice has been compared to the likes of David Bowie and Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) -The Static Dive review.

"Imagine yourself driving through the streets of L.A. at night in an atmosphere like in the movie Collateral, you just want to wander and this hypnotic music helps you to let go even more" - Edgar Allan Poets review on When The Poems Gave Us Life.

Now V/Terpan returns with a new EP album called Sun. "V/Terpan has been compared to artists such as Radiohead and Portishead, which makes sense when you listen to this EP. He has a very unique voice and his music is definitely something different from what you’re used to hearing on the radio today". -Indie rock .news review.

Career Goals | Objectives:

Get signed, find a manager and perform live

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:


Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Cockos Reaper DAW, Acorn midi keybord, Ltd guitar

Influences | Sounds Like:

David Bowie, Peter Murphy, Muse, Joy Division, Depeche Mode

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

I haven't so far but I'm setting up for possible live shows



.   .   .


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