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Indie Artist Auditions 2023: David Powell And The Speekers - Instrumental - Doha, Qatar | SRL




07-03-2023 20:29 GMT

David Powell and The Speekers

Doha, Qatar

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


David Powell is an up-and-coming musician and songwriter who was born in Manchester, England, and moved to Australia as a child. Powell left in 1998 to travel and has lived in five different countries since. He adores being exposed to the music of different cultures and was drawn to the melodic tones of flamenco music in Spain and inspired by how they resonate with the Arabic modes while living in Egypt and the Gulf.

Although he has enjoyed playing with others, David Powell stopped playing in bands 1 0 years ago to create and produce his own music. He is currently working on an acoustic classical guitar-led album as well as Arabic songs with his Egyptian wife.

I love the whole process of music creation, from the initial spark to the finished product. I write, play, record and mix the music and then create the album artwork and song videos. In reviewing the latest album ‘Love’, Jeremy at Sleeping Bag Studios wrote “the uniqueness of David Powell and The Speekers is completely profound, and absolutely memorable…For music that is as creative and innovative as this…I think the level of accessibility is actually pretty astounding… I’m continually impressed by how different it is from just about everything else that’s out there, yet how accessible it is at the same time…Love is filled with depth from one side of its lineup straight through to the other.” In reviewing the previous album ‘Here in Skin’, Alexandra Naughton wrote “meditative in its own way they create vast fields of sound ones that wash over the listener in a truly decadent way. David’s approach definitely does feel distinctly his own work… “Here in Skin” features a grandeur to David Powell & The Speekers’ sound one that has a stunning emotional cadence to it.”



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