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18-03-2023 01:11 GMT

Xander Ross

Hip Hop Music Artist
New Jersey, USA

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to go on a world tour. "

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Born and raised in New Jersey Artist/musician Xander Ross Known for his blend of grit, dreamy melodic vocals and rugged sound, brings a new meaning to music. Influenced by artist such as lil Wayne , Imogen heap, 2pac, Hikaru Utada, michael Jackson, and prince, just to name a few, Really shows his wide variety and unorthodox style of music. Xander uncovered his musical gift at the age of 7 teaching himself instruments such as guitar, bass, and drums. Although writing music since the age of 14, Xander didn’t release his first song until the age of 2 0 where he has since then flourished. Xander Currently resides in Orlando Florida, where he continues to grown as a amazing artist.

Career Goals | Objectives:

3 goals i would like to achieve, go on a world tour have every song to the billboard charts, and preach my message to play my part in healing the world. I would like to start achieving these goals beginning of 2023. Overall I think my sound and work ethic separates me from most artist musically i can adapt to any situation and i only thrive to get better I dint mind taking constructive criticism and being pushed to my limits. I have no no limits I am A superstar only a matter of time before the world is saying the same thing .

Influences | Sounds Like:

lil Wayne, Imogen heap, 2pac, Hikaru Utada, michael Jackson, and prince


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