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Unsigned Artist Auditions '23: High Expressions - Reggae - Oregon, USA | SRL




09-02-2023 18:01 GMT

High Expressions

Reggae Music Artist
Oregon, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆


This is a place where you come to listen to and experience various types of music. High Expressions is a rock-at-heart band with reggae vibes and electric flavor added to it that gives the songs a jumpstart. Our band includes Cameron "CUZCO" Edwards (vocals, keytar, synth keyboards, drums) and Nathan Zimmerman (electric guitar). We have been jammin' together since late 2 0 08 in high school and still remain close friends today. Make your event the sickest night out by booking us in! "Within Your Mind, Anything Is Possible." - High Expressions

If you think music has become stagnant in the past decade, you're simply searching in the wrong place, listening to the wrong kind of artists. But your search has now come to an end; my signature musical style elevates the genre to a whole new level. Check out my tracks for a peek into a new era of banging tunes - you'll be grooving for the entirety of your train journey home. And if you like what you hear? Get in touch and I'll see about arranging a show in your city as soon as possible. My music is truly an out-of-body experience when performed live.


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