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Posterus Uses 2 Microphones To Create Really Cool Maneskin Type Pop Tunes | Unsigned Artist Auditions 2023




07-02-2023 19:07 GMT


Pop Music Artist
Tyrol, Austria

Current Score: ★☆☆☆☆ ☆☆


My name is Nicola Rigo, I am 18 years old and I'm from Italy. Well actually I live in Austria since 7 years now, but I want, one day, to go back. A lot of people ask me, why do you actually make music? Is it for the money? For the girls? How much did u made until now with your music? Is it for the fame? Well, none of those. When I startet releasing my own songs, my only thought was, damn. It is actually possible. I saw the first 10 monthly listeners, and I told myself: if now are 10, why not in 1 year 10 million? Well, in 1 year still not 10 million but maybe next year. I sing since I was 3, the first ever song I knew was "la camisa negra" by Juanes. Since that, at the age of 9, I had a big influence from one artist, Avicii. I loved his music, the way he made everything a melody which lived rent free in your brain. That 2014. The year we moved to Austria. I didn’t spoke a word german or english, had no friends, didn’t knew anything of anywhere of that place and my parents were working. I was alone. The only thing that kept me happy? Music. Avicii’s music. I started singing at home, screaming and trying to hit those high notes, I startet writing stories of myself in third person, I was reading a lot of books in that times. Than I tryed to make some rhymes and guess what? My first ever text came out. I was 11 years old so, it was just a mix of the thoughts a 11 years old boy can have about this world, bothing more but, you know, it was the beginning. Back in 2020, a guy from my city released his first own song on spotify, and I was literally flashed. “How did he do it?” “How did he get on spotify?” “How did he recorded it?” So many questions pop ped out of nowhere in my head. So I decided to call him, and ask him out. After a few weeks, in 2021, I decided to try. Make my own stuff. I didn’t knew anything of mix, master, vocals, keys or whatever but it still gone in the right way. It was a nice song. With the months and the practice, I learned a lot, made my voice much better and started performing live. It was crazy, almost by chance, and than BAM on the stage. Well, now it is time for the most recent and crazy part of my life. I want to call it “the universe’s plan”. In september 2021, the last year of high school started, but suddenly, after 3 days a friend of mine calls me and tells me he had a project to show me. I was “allright, let’s meet up and talkl about it”. To make it short, 2 days later I dropped out of school and started this project. Fun fact, I had a gf back than. The first one. My feelings for her were crazy, still never felt smt like that. I went to egypt in November and, that’s where she broke up with me. My friend and the people from that project helped me a lot, I started a journey in the spirituality to relieve the pain that I felt, and my mindset grow a lot. I was very dumb, like a 14 years old. After that times, I could say I think very differently. Like another person. (But I still love to have fun, no worries I’m not a guru). Than , obly 2 weeks later, a talent show contacted me and asked me if I wanted to take part of it. I was like YEAH, SURE!!! When I was on that stage.. 1000 people in front of me, the judges.. just wow. The day after, I decided to leave the project that I had with my friend, and to give everything I have on Music. My nime is Nicola Rigo, aka Posterus . I’m almost 19 years old, and I’m going big. I know that for sure.

Career Goals | Objectives:

My biggest wish is to delete stress from my life, to jot think about how do I get money for buying this, to eat, to pay the bills or whatever. So, I would lie if I would say I don’t want to get signed. But my goal rn is to get more fans, ta have more lives and spreading my vibes. A menager would help a lot.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

No, just some private Vocal coachings before a Talent Show

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

2 microphones, an AKG c214 and a Rode NT1-A (my first one). I built myself my studio at home, with 2 display, 2 audio interfaces, 2 mics and a pretty cool setup. I’m very versatile, so I do not need one object before starting making music.

Influences | Sounds Like:

MÃ¥neskin, Avicii, Post Malone, Shawn Mendes, Ed Sheeran, Lazza

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:




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