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Keith Stewart Uses Guitar To Create Really Cool Tom Petty Reminiscent Songs | Independent Artist Auditions 2023




23-02-2023 01:46 GMT

Keith Stewart

Country Music Artist
Ottawa, Canada

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to connect with new fans. "

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If you prefer smooth adult contemporary music, to the frenzied head banging grunge of mosh pit of cultural suicided, then look no further than “Ouroboros”

Keith Stewart ’s new release of seven golden classics of unadulterated musical pleasure, to sooth your savaged nerves, and realign you with your higher self!

Keith Stewart writes and composes all of his music and he plays alongside a handful of men and women who share his creative interests, Dave Harris, Gordon Clements, Jeremy Rogers, Paul Winfield and Jane Harris. Collectively they worked together on recordings with members Harris, Rogers (formerly with Blue Sky in the mid-80’s), all members have played all around Vancouver Island, as well as on the mainland.

When Stewart isn’t recording music like his latest "Ouroboros", a collection of work from this era, he’s working on his literature collection. Not buying books for his shelves, but writing them. His first being a memoir focusing on his two trips to South America by the same name, Alpha Highways.

Back to his tunes though, he says of his style that’s he’s “middle of road.” With a fusion of pop, country , blues and folk – he’s comparable to acts such as Tom Petty , Bob Dylan and Jimmy Buffet. He notes, “I am unique, and my own man, with my own style. I feel we all share the same network, in the collective consciousness of the spirit of music.”

Career Goals | Objectives:

Creative people often find solace with others who stray from the norm and can’t see the beauty in normalcy. Keith Stewart is one of those people. He’s an artist. Whether it’s creating his music or penning his novel ideas in book form, Stewart has a knack for putting art out into the world, and he hopes to use his work to connect with like-minded people from here to there and everywhere in between.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

The Royal Conservatory of Music (two years)

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Guitar, Piano

Influences | Sounds Like:

Tom Petty, Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, John Sebastian



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