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If You Like Juice Wrld, You Must Hear This - Jay Vibing's Skunk Radio Live Audition




04-02-2023 15:33 GMT

Jay Vibing

Hip Hop Music Artist
New Jersey, USA

Current Score: ★★☆☆☆ ☆☆

"I want to find a manager. "


To me, an artist is all about diversity. Without it, everything just sounds the same. As an artist my goal is to touch someone's soul with my music and change their mood whether it's from happy to sad or sad to happy. Music all has different frequencies that will alter one's emotions. Therefore music is everything to me. It gets me in the mood to want to work more or just relax. I want to make the same music as my favorite artist in order to lift someone's spirit or touch them on a spiritual level. From melodic rap to singing, my tone and lyrics have a meaning. They tell a story about the things in life we see and experience. Everyone loves a relatable song!

Career Goals | Objectives:

Find a manager and to get signed

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

No. I have not had any music Education.

Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Reaper , and I distribute through distrokid.

Influences | Sounds Like:

Juice Wrld , J cole, and Hopsin

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

2 performances



.   .   .


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