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Music Auditions: Just A Jester - Singer Songwriter - London, UK | Music Discovery XO




26-01-2023 11:47 GMT

Just A Jester

London, UK

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆

"I want more music royalties. "


Here'a a biog, a summary of my life as a musician up until the commencement of my solo project, Just A Jester :Timothy Daniel Whitaker, guitarist, singer/songwriter and host of some of the earliest open mic nights in London namely, "Acoustic Revolution". Songwriter for Ty-Lor, a duo with brother Simon Whitaker, who featured on BBC 1's program, "What's that Noise" a live composition written by Tim to over 8 million viewers. Ty-Lor supported Van Morrison at the Ivor Novello song awards and Roy Harper at the Town and Country club folk festival twice. They played Glastonbury acoustic festival 7 times and featured in Sonja Kristina's band and recorded on her albums. Tim and Simon later reformed as "The Whitaker Brothers", they played festivals and pub gigs for over 10 years together and concluded with an album, "Animated" available in all major outlets, the song, "Good Love" written by Tim was played on radio stations around the world including Planet Rock where it featured for 4 months, 4 times a day. "Good Love" is still played on that station to date. Info on "The Whitaker brothers" can be found at their web site: www.thewhitakerbrothers.com.Tim has recorded at Peter Gabriel's studio "Real World", where some of Peter's band asked to assist with bass, sax and drums. He has been offered 3 major deals in the past which only failed due to inexperienced management. "Just A Jester" is a solo project of Tim's recent songs, commencing Feb 2018. He plays and records all the instruments and is responsible for all the engineering and production. All the pieces have had radio plays around the world. He has comprised the 1st 5 of these recordings into an E.P. which he has named, "Clear Blue". The E.P. was available on the 18th Oct 2018 as a download from all major outlets. Since then, he has added 8 other singles to the Just A Jester project which have also been played on radio stations worldwide, 6 of which have reached the top 10 in various independent chart shows.

Career Goals | Objectives:

I should collect all the royalties from hundreds of airplay I've had on practically all 30 Just A Jester songs. Perhaps use in a movie? Advert? Play live , continue with airplay of course. Find a better environment to create and record Just A Jester productions. (presently in a house where lodgers above work from home and throw things at the floor over my head when they hear a sound, I do actually want to take an AK 47 up there and blast them off the face of the Earth some times) Sell records/ Get signed/ The lot.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:


Musical Instruments | Studio Equipment:

Gibson Les Paul custom/ Gibson acoustic/Takamaine acoustic/Martin acoustic/Logic Pro X. These are my tools other than my voice most of the time when it comes to recording the only exception would be all the banks of sampled instruments/plug-ins to help orchestrate my songs. I make sure each song stands up by itself with just an acoustic guitar and voice. I am currently testing them out on crowds at open mic nights. The best way to learn a song is to have an audience , one quickly realises what works and what needs work. A good song stands out solo with an instrument.

Influences | Sounds Like:

There are many I like and respect as far as producers and artists are concerned but I honestly don't sound like any of them. People have likened my tunes to all kinds of artists but never the same one. Who do you think I sound like?

Live Performance History | Residencies | Touring Experience:

Just A Jester is a new project, I am currently playing open mics to hone my live performances as a solo and after only 2 cracks at it have got a gig this Friday in a pub in Surbiton UK. I am an experienced live performer, I have played at Glastonbury festival eight times on different stages with various bands. I have decided to start showcasing Just A Jester songs firstly solo then a band will hopefully follow.




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