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Music Auditions: Ccvoo The Tagg - Hip Hop - Florida, USA | Music Discovery XO




21-01-2023 03:12 GMT

Ccvoo The Tagg

Hip Hop Music Songwriter
Florida, USA

Current Score: ★★★☆☆ ☆☆


I’m a nice person. I’m nice. My music career started off as practice; practicing writing music and rapping; freestyle rapping; then I started writing music; and now I write music that I feel at the time when I’m writing music; a song about what I’m writing about; “a song that I want to write about”; I write that/this song “freely” and however I want in context to my preference; feelings at the moment in time; and what “I want to write about” at the time; (what I’m writing about); “what I want to write about” at the moment. I can “freestyle rap” for :45 seconds straight “at-will”. I type the songs that I write into a “Laptop computer” on “Microsoft Word”. I like writing about stuff that makes me feel “good”; a “fun topic”. I write peacefully. I am completely peaceful and free when I write music; when I write “music lyrics”; the music lyrics that I write and create for myself. The songs that I write for myself “create peace” for me. I write peaceful and free the whole time; the whole entire time. I don’t have any dirty habits. I keep my stuff clean. I keep my things clean. I don’t let anybody drive my things and I don’t let anybody in my stuff; things. I like to stay clean. I like staying clean and I keep everything clean around me at all times. “I keep my quarters clean”. I keep my things clean. I train myself to get smart everyday; to get smarter everyday. I have habits. Consistently clean habits. I’m a good person. I stay to myself. I stick to myself. I respect “boundaries” and I stay in; within my boundaries that are “normal actual active living spaces” I “have to” “abide” by to keep the most common “formal structure”; “formed structure” at bay and at peace; at’least at peace within myself; within myself; for myself. I like to have fun. I like to drink beer. “Corona”. I have a formal presentation; explained above here within; “formal presentation” and round of applause; for “here”. Presentation. “Presidential”. “Straight forward”. Thank you. 🙂.

Music Education | Training | Qualifications:

I read 3/4 of a book called “6 Steps To Songwriting Success” by “Jason Blume”.



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